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Quotes from Philadelphia Magazine

"The 154 best, brightest, wiliest, winningest, most tenacious and efficacious attorneys in a city with more than its share."

"Debra G. Speyer in the field of Elder Law-works on matters involving securities fraud, guardianship, medicaid, and nursing home issues"

(Philadelphia Magazine) "Maybe we love to hate them because we hate that we need them, be it to draft a will, sue our broker, or help our Ukrainian third cousin obtain that elusive work visa. In Philadelphia, we're blessed with one of the strongest legal traditions in the country, but having 14,000 lawyers can also be a curse. How do you begin to figure out who to go to? We asked them who they'd go to. First we sent surveys to 4,000 Philadelphia lawyers randomly selected from the rolls of the Philadelphia Bar Association and asked which attorneys they would turn to for legal help. Next, to guard against ballot-stuffing, cliquishness, parochialism and hype, we talked to more than 100 acknowledged leaders of the bar, legal headhunters, prosecutors, clients and corporate in-house counsel, to make sure the survey results reflected consensus within the various practice areas."

"Philadelphia, meet the 154 best lawyers in town."
March 1999


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