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Peace of mind is one of the main goals when thinking about estate planning documents. it is very important to have a will and/ trust, financial power of attorney, health care power of attorney and living will. our office would be pleased to prepare these documents for you.

    Dina R. had a friend who did not have a living will. Although that friend had talked often that she would not want extraordinary measures taken in the event she was no longer able to make decisions for herself, she never executed a living will. That friend spent months with a feeding tube and other life support measures she never would have wanted. Dina wanted to make sure that her decision making was not put in the hands of others. Debra prepared a living will for Dina and a health care and financial power of attorney as well as a will. Dina now had the peace of mind knowing that she had autonomy over her decision making.

Financial Power of Attorney: A financial power of attorney authorizes another person to handle your financial matters. A financial power of attorney can either take effect immediately or when one is no longer able to take care of their financial matters.

Living Will: A living will is also known as an advanced health care directive. It is a document that directs your doctors and others as to any life support treatments you do not wish in the event you are unconscious or in a terminal state.

Health Care Power of Attorney: A health care power of attorney authorizes another person to handle your health care matters in the event you are unable to make them for yourself.

Will: A will is a legal document that only takes affect upon your death. It directs how you want your assets divided. A will can be rewritten as often as you want. Wills can be very simple or very complex depending on your requirements. Even a person with very limited assets should have a will.

Trusts: There are also a variety of trusts available with various goals depending upon your needs. Some of these trusts include special need trusts which deal with disabled family members, trusts for assets for minors, trusts for second spouses, trust which are used for tax planning.


This web site is intended for general information purposes only and is not intended to be the rendering of legal advice for specific cases. Because your legal matter is unique, it is recommended that you obtain the advice of an attorney. We would be pleased to meet with you at our office and assist you with your legal needs.

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